Our Philosophy

Breast cancer is a diagnosis that affects the entire family. Clearly, the individual who is being treated for cancer requires not only intensive medical care, but emotional and spiritual care as well.

The entire family dynamic is shifted and needs to be included in the process of healing as well. We feel that when we surgically remove the cancer, it is just the beginning. We work toward facilitating healing in all of our patients.

Our practice prides itself on following our patients through all phases of their treatment and recovery. In 2007, Dr. Beth DuPree and a group of community members founded The Healing Consciousness Foundation. It is a nonprofit (501 C3) organization that was created to continue the process that begins in our office. The services that are offered cover a wide variety of therapies and interventions that are not typically covered by conventional insurance.

We are continually working toward decreasing the time between finding a palpable mass or having an abnormal mammogram and having a definitive diagnosis. Our office attempts to see patients as soon as possible when a suspicious mass or lesion is identified. We rely on our referring physicians to assist us in this by calling us directly when a patient needs to be evaluated on a more urgent basis.

Because we value the time we spend to connect with our patients, the number of patients that we can evaluate in a given day is limited. We pride ourselves on remaining on the cutting edge of breast care by offering the latest technological advancements in breast cancer care. By adopting minimally invasive techniques as the standard of care, we have been able to greatly decrease the time from when you are seen in the office to your biopsy. Once we know what we are dealing with in terms of the pathologic diagnosis, we can move forward towards definitive treatment.

We feel privileged to participate in the treatment of so many women and men in our community. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art breast cancer care and feel that this opens a door to facilitate healing in each and every person with whom we come in contact.